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MOIRA NANGLE ASSOCIATES Developing a winning culture Working with you to deliver great results

The chances are that you have found your way here because you have a business issue which you are not sure how to tackle. It could be that you want to talk to someone who has ‘been there before’ and can share experiences and help shape your thinking. Perhaps you need support in turning strategy into action, driving culture change, improving customer service or developing organisational capability.

Formerly Director of Organisation Development at Virgin Atlantic, Moira Nangle led on the facilitation of strategy and on the development and delivery of the Virgin Brand. During her time there the organisation went through a significant period of growth. Moira led on the organisation design and development aspects whilst ensuring the right processes and disciplines were in place to consistently deliver the unique Virgin Brand, moving the organisation from a young challenger to a respected player in the industry.

Moira now works with a number of trusted associates. Together our approach combines extensive research knowledge in the field of people and organisation development and solid commercial acumen. We have a strong track record of working with senior managers and their teams – challenging their thinking, improving their ability to have productive relationships and conversations, and designing and implementing successful organisation change programmes.

Our client-centred approach means that we won’t try to ‘shoehorn’ you into existing products or solutions, and we don’t assume that we know best. Our belief is that you know your business, and that by working in partnership, we can support you in finding positive ways to deliver great results. We know that organisations are like living systems and the relationships between individuals and teams lie at the heart of good business.

Our work often includes paying attention to issues such as management relationships and styles, team and group processes, improving communication, agreeing on more effective decision-making processes, and engaging your people in issues such as branding and customer service. We are also highly experienced in large group change processes and in strengths-based approaches such as Appreciative inquiry, believing firmly that a problem-solving approach only tackles that which is seen as not working, rather than helping business take a quantum leap forwards.

In working with you, our ultimate aim is to work ourselves out of a job. Our intention is always to leave you and your business with a set of tools, capabilities and behaviours which can help you both plan for and manage the future, whilst being able to monitor organisational health and take any necessary steps toward renewal and development.


A network of OD experts

Who we are?

We are a network of Organisation Development experts, skilled in a wide range of disciplines. What’s different about us is that we have all had proper jobs, so we know what it’s like to be on the hook for results! We’ve all held senior roles in fast moving well known organisations – and we have worked with a huge spectrum of influential people from Chief Executives of global brands to gang leaders in the East End of London.

Why Choose Us?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We are all experienced practitioners who have held both internal and external roles. As well as being really well qualified, we understand the pressures and the speed of organisational life. We’ve worked across a broad range of sectors and delivered some great interventions and results. We’re creative and we’ll help you look at things with a fresh eye, oh and we’re told that we’re fun to work with!

What’s Different?

We don’t bring ‘expert’ solutions, but partner with you to understand your needs and to help develop pragmatic business solutions. We work with integrity: if we don’t think we can help, we will find you someone who can. What’s more, we all spend a lot of our lives working, so we believe that work should be enjoyable, we can help you and your people get more out of work.

Meet Our Team

Moira Nangle

Moira Nangle


Formerly Director for Organisation Development (OD) at Virgin Atlantic Airways, Moira is a creative & perceptive OD practitioner who is highly experienced in culture change, branding & customer service, employee engagement, & leadership and talent. Moira has qualifications in Training, Teaching, Psychotherapy, Coaching & an MSc in OD.

Dee Cooper

Dee Cooper


Formerly Director of Product and Service for Virgin Atlantic, Dee is a consultant who specialises in the customer experience and in helping consumer brands develop their offer. Dee uses her unique understanding of brand, design and service to create products and services which set companies above the competition and deliver great return on investment.

Paul Tolchinsky

Paul Tolchinsky


Paul is an expert in employee involvement and participative work systems, and he has extensive experience of working with unions and staff groups. He also has particular expertise in the design of organisations, applying socio-technical principles and Whole-Scale(tm) Approaches to the process of change in organizations.

Jane Lyons

Jane Lyons


Jane has carried out research for new product and service development purposes, ranging from people’s reading habits to the design of aircraft seats. In the field of employee research she has designed and analysed annual staff surveys, including issues of culture, employer branding and staff advocacy and engagement.


Delivering Great Service

Developing a winning culture

Often described as ‘the way we do things around here’, organisation culture is informed by the everyday habits and rituals we go through, and even the stories we tell ourselves and others about the business we work in.

Leadership Development

So many organisations invest time and energy in strategic planning, yet fail to plan strategy implementation. This is where leadership comes in.

Executive Coaching

We know from experience that a ‘one size fit’s all’ approach is not always appropriate or effective for developing people at the most senior levels of business.

High Performance Teams

It’s easy to believe that a bunch of clever people should be able to work well as a team isn’t it. So much relies on having effective teams in place, from Boards to customer-facing staff. Research shows that the most successful teams take time to plan how to achieve their goals, and work to understand the roles that each individual plays in delivery.

Delivering Great Service

Many initiatives designed to improve the customer experience fail to deliver because businesses don’t invest enough time or energy in understanding the experience from the customer’s shoes. Likewise, we have seen many examples of customer service programmes designed by ‘experts’, rather than real people who do real jobs, and who deliver your products and services to customers every day.

Change Management

We’ve all seen the effect of organisational change that fails to deliver, so many new projects neglect the human element. In order to benefit from change, whether it be new ideas, processes or systems, change has to be well planned. Key to successful delivery is taking into account, and planning for the effect of change on people’s lives.

What people say about us


Service Delivery session excellent; fascinating and so transferable to NHS. We all need to aspire to magical touches


How Service Delivery creates our Brand – The most enjoyable and valuable session of the conference so far.


“I will be taking several messages back to my organisation, particularly around the need to focus on behaviours

Rolls Royce

(the) masterclass certainly made you think … food for thought”

Rolls Royce

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